Nova and the Experience take on the Big Apple

Cinema Sound Scrutiny

Photo Credit: Cory Ingram @barebonesvm Photo Credit: Cory Ingram @barebonesvm

Sydney indie pop band Nova and the Experience – James Buckingham, Anna Buckingham, Laurie Mahon and Jake Asser – have had a whirlwind few weeks touring all over Australia, and most recently and impressively – New York City.

Drummer for the band, Laurie Mahon says he’s come back from the States, a proud man.

“To take the band, overseas has been the dream ever since we started playing, and now I am so excited over the fact that it’s only just the beginning.”

NYC’s concrete jungle didn’t come without its fair share of traveller scares though, having had a slight problem at the airport.

“Anna thought we had booked our flights to the wrong place – ended up freaking out and we ended up being detained for questioning and told we were going back home… turns out that Immigration Officers in New York have a…

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