Friendship Pays Off For The Pretty Littles


Originally posted on Music Insight:

Melbourne’s cheeky rock legends The Pretty Littles have a way of charming crowds with their unconventional stage presence – no surprise considering the decade of friendship and music between them.

Amidst a national tour with some fantastic acts like Ceres and Sincerely Grizzly, the outlandish foursome are gearing up for their own launch show for new album Gospel.

The record is a collection of early-to-mid noughties rock – one that has seen the maturation of the boys’ songwriting abilities and onstage performances to the delight of diehard fans.

Frontman Jack Parsons revealed that each track has a particular narrative they were keen for listeners to sink their teeth into, but not necessarily an underlying motif.

“I suppose all the albums have a theme because they’re all songs written at a similar time, but on Gospel there isn’t one in particular – it’s about things that happen around you and how it affects you,” he said.

Parsons is notably proud of the work that went into track Back Paddock Blues, dedicated to his grandmother who suffered a stroke a few years ago.

“We recorded the entire thing live and it sounded a lot better than I thought it would. I think we did two takes of it and ended up using the first one,” he said.

Working closely with producer Neil Gray (The Vasco Era) on the mini-album, Parsons had nothing but praise for the man who stood by them for six months developing dynamic, tongue-in-cheek tunes.

“It was awesome, he’s such a wise old dog. He’s done so many great things and he’s been doing our sound for a while so we talked about it in-depth beforehand,” he said.

Despite being locked up in a room together, their production methods didn’t always align.

“Neil has a greater attention to detail than I do, in terms of being able to hear things and using pronunciation correctly, whereas I’m more like, ‘fuck it, that’ll do’,” he said.

The album artwork, painted by Parsons’ own grandfather, encompasses a similar laid-back attitude.

“He’s always been a pretty amazing painter and we didn’t have a cover or anything. He showed me something he was working on and he had just finished this one. [The man in the painting] looked like such a beat up, down in the dumps guy – it looked perfect for the cover,” he said.

When asked about the band’s longevity, Parsons attributed their current success to the friendship and chemistry they share.

“The bands that started around the same time we did, they’re all breaking up now. For us it’s always been about fun and we’ve grown closer over the years because of it,” he said.

You can catch The Pretty Littles live around the country along with supporting acts James Moloney & the Mad Dog Harrisons, Brother James and Nun of the Tongue. For dates and tickets see

Gospel is out now.


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