Sarah McLeod on the resurrection of The Superjesus


Originally posted on Music Insight:

After laying dormant for a little over a decade, nineties rock idols The Superjesus have resurrected themselves and are ready to rock and roll once more.

The ARIA award-winning quartet emerged back on the scene in 2013 for a one-off reunion show in their hometown of Adelaide, and having relished the performance embarked on a national tour later that year.

Since then, the group has signed with Australian independent label Social Family Records and released sizzling new track The Setting Sun, which has hit fans with a wave of rock nostalgia.

Ever-charismatic frontwoman Sarah McLeod told Music Insight the decision to reunite felt like a personal homecoming.

“We all got back together and suddenly it was a really comforting family thing,” she said.

“These guys remind me of my youth. It made me feel secure and younger which is fun.”

A lot can change in 12 years, and McLeod said there was a significant divergence from the band’s earlier production methods to the way they approached their music today.

“I think we spent $250,000 making Sumo, but that was standard back then,” she said.

“Whereas now we all live in different cities and we all have home studios, so we record our bits at home and send it to the next guy who’s in Melbourne or Adelaide and it doesn’t cost us a cent.”

Despite a lengthy hiatus with some members electing to leave permanently, the band continues to be a force to be reckoned with and loyal fans are only too happy to see The Superjesus return.

“We haven’t exactly been playing all the time, but coming back now and playing the music it still feels relevant to me and from the responses of the audience it’s relevant to them too,” McLeod said.

New single The Setting Sun epitomises the time-honoured Superjesus sound with its euphonic rock anthem feel, despite it initially being written by McLeod as a pop song for her solo record.

“I was sending a couple of songs to Tim our guitarist and for some reason, I don’t know why, I slipped it in and he said I want to work on this one, so he stripped the instrumental entirely and rewrote a whole new arrangement for it, but kept the pop vocal I had,” she said.

Why did they choose that song for their comeback?

“We’re just going song by song which is totally not what you’re supposed to do but I’m getting a kick out of it. Whenever it’s ready, you guys get it,” she said.

Listening to McLeod talk about the band’s loyal fan base, it’s easy to be swept up by the passion in her voice. Along with the rest of the band, she’s often seen chatting to people after each gig, and like most musicians today is using social media to feel more connected to fans.

“I have a personal vendetta [sic] with myself that every show has to be at a certain level and to me that’s quite a high standard. So I know when I go to a gig I’m not giving it anything less than 150 per cent,” she said.

And for the fans who were eagerly wondering – yes, The Superjesus will be releasing an EP at the end of the year with all-new material, including a second single.

Surely with all this new material, a tour is on the cards.

“We haven’t officially announced it yet, but in November we’re doing a short capital cities tour, so look out for that,” McLeod said.

Get excited, people.

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