Welcome To The Palace of The Kings

Palace of the Kings

Originally posted on The MPIRE:

ARTIST: Palace of the King
MEMBERS: Tim Henwood (Vocals & Percussion), Leigh Maden (Guitar), Matthew Harrison (Guitar), Andrew Gilpin (Bass Guitar), Anthony Troiano (Drums) and Sean Johnston (Keys)
GENRE: Rock ‘n’ Roll, Blues
LATEST RELEASE: White Bird/ Burn The Sky

With the impending release of their highly sort after new album, Melbourne-based band Palace of the King are more than ready to get this show on the road. The six-piece all male group has been around since 2012 producing an array of hard hitting rock hits that have a lot of people talking – people like Airbourne’s Joel O’Keeffe. Guitarist Leigh Maden talked to us about the process behind their new album and current Australian tour.

“It’s been a long time coming, we put a lot of work into it, says Leigh. Influenced by the mindset of bands from the 60s and 70s era, POTK tried to maintain the same ideology for White Bird/ Burn The Sky. “It’s all a bit unheard of today but with that kind of ethos in the back of our minds, we just wanted to keep producing music, so we would rehearse all the songs and went to Colour Sound (Recording) Studios down in Altona and laid it all down in a couple of days,” says Leigh.

White Bird/ Burn The Sky has an authentic bluesy rock kick, with a 70s psychedelic vibe shining through its musical arrangements. Most tracks are lengthy with plenty of instrumental solos that will have supporters frothing at the mouth. “A lot of the time we’ll be in a room and just start jamming and someone might make a drum beat or little riff – nothing too particular just a little gem of an idea, then we just build on that,” says Leigh about their compositions.

The new album produced by Devil’s Music Records has been teased to fans since November last year. Releasing five songs in five months might seem strange to some but Leigh assures us that there’s a good reason behind the decision. “We wanted it to coincide with the Australian tour and some of the overseas stuff we were doing later in the year. We’re just really proud of quite a few songs on there and we wanted to share them and get some feedback from people.” So what can you expect from the boy’s Australian shows? “Expect to see some improvisation and impromptu playing that feels right in the moment for us,” says Leigh.

White Bird/ Burn The Sky is due for release on June 19 in Australia. For tickets visit palaceofthekingmusic.com


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