Meet The Love Junkies

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Originally posted on Emerge Magazine:

Three piece ensemble, The Love Junkies have been delivering heavy doses of pure unadulterated indie-grunge to crowds for six years now, and there doesn’t seem to be any signs of them stopping any time soon. Hailing from Western Australia, this Perth-bred trio have two successful records under their belts and are looking to add a third. We spoke to Robbie Rumble, the band’s bass player about their journey so far and the upcoming third album in the works.

Frontman Mitch McDonald and drummer Lewis Walsh founded the band in 2009, but have been mates since high school. It was only three months later when they hit the studio that Rumble joined them to complete their lineup. “We’ve been friends for such a long time now, I think we can handle each other’s shit”, says Rumble.

The independent release of their self-titled EP in 2011 placed the band on a ‘ones to watch’ list, but it wasn’t until the release of their debut album, Maybelene in 2013, that the band really began to draw some major attention – not that they were expecting it. “The songs jumped from one genre to another, we didn’t really have a clear vision of what we were doing. We were just having fun”, says Rumble. The Love Junkies have since released a sophomore record, Blowing On the Devil’s Strumpet and taken their show on the road to places like Singapore, Vietnam, America and Canada.

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When it comes to their recording process, Rumble reveals it changes from album-to-album, “For the most part, Mitch does most of the songwriting. I throw an occasional song in from time-to-time. As far as the next album, the process will be a fair bit different. I think it will be much more of a joint venture.”

“Lewis writes and plays in another band, I write and play in another band also, so when it comes to TLJ record I think it’s going to be a really close-knit and creative album.”

Rumble confesses they’re even close to producing a highly anticipated third record. “We are currently putting all the songs together and nutting them all out. We have a few that are finished in the jam room and ready to record, others we are still working on. All the material is there we just need to glue it all together.”

“We will hit the studio early next year I think”, says Rumble.

The Love Junkies will be pretty tight with shows as they continue to write for the new album, but you can catch the band live at the Fremantle Arts Centre for the WAM Festival on Sunday 8 November. For more details, check out their Facebook page.

Story by Nizza Munoz


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