Review: The Maine at the Factory Theatre


Originally posted on Music Insight:

Not even a scorching hot first day of summer could deter Sydney fans from seeing The Maine live at the second show of their Australian headline tour on Tuesday night. The tour was held in support of their new album American Candy, released earlier in the year.

The moment you walked through the doors, Sydney’s Factory Theatre enveloped you in a cool frosty hug, breathing new life into all those who had perspired most of it outside. The venue had ample space, which filled up pretty quickly once the show was about to start.

Sydney’s alt-rock quintet Far Away Stables revved up the audience with an electrifying performance all of their own – despite some initial technical difficulties. Next up were fellow Sydney-siders With Confidence whom had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands, surprising everyone with an unexpected cover of The Killers’ Mr Brightside.

When it came time for The Maine to hit the stage, they didn’t disappoint. The night was filled with straight up rock tunes, hilarious anecdotes and frontman John O’Callaghan’s life philosophies – which we suspect had more to do with the beer he’d been downing throughout the night.

This is our first headlining tour here [in Australia], so thank you!

Kicking off the show with Another Night On Mars, O’Callaghan stood centre stage in all black, his Rolling Stones tee proudly on display as he sang, “What’s another night on Mars, with friends like ours, anywhere is home.” We were then hit with a raucous version of track Right Girl from their 2010 album, Black and White.

Despite looking a little jet-lagged, the boys were in great spirits. O’Callaghan enthusiastically greeted the crowd saying, “Thanks from the depths of our souls for being here tonight.”

The band played a collection of songs from all five of their studio albums, but old favourites, Everything I Ask ForMiseryI Must Be Dreaming and a solo acoustic version of Into Your Arms performed by O’Callaghan generated the most noise from the crowd.

As the Arizonians took a bit of breather, O’Callaghan took the chance to thank fans for their enthusiasm and devotion over the years. “This is our first headlining tour here [in Australia], so thank you!” he said.

Upbeat tracks like Diet Soda SocietyEnglish Girls and Am I Pretty? from their most recent album, American Candy had the masses dancing and singing along, sometimes drowning out O’Callaghan’s vocals – much to his delight.

The band invited everyone to come say hi after the show before rocking out to title track American Candy.

This may have been the five-piece outfit’s first headline gig down under, but their stellar performance has left Aussie audiences with an urge for more.


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