The Boxer Rebellion Announce New Album ‘Ocean By Ocean’

Originally posted on Chattr:

If you’ve ever watched TV shows like ShamelessGrey’s AnatomyNCIS or The Vampire Diaries, chances are you’ve heard music from London quartet The Boxer Rebellion. Forming back in 2001, the indie rockers are set to release their latest album Ocean By Ocean on April 29 and we’re busting at the seams for it.

Having always played to their own beat of the drum –pun intended – the band’s debut album Exits was making waves at a time when Britpop was all the rave. Its independent sound that seemed so out of time and place made chart history as they became the first ever unsigned act to enter the U.S Billboard Top 100 on digital sales alone.

The British gents currently have four studio albums, with Ocean By Ocean only a few months away. The record will focus on settled life – life at 30, relationships and the meaning of fatherhood. Its sound is set to be brooding and reflective, delivering emotional sucker punches at every turn.

The first single off the record is Keep Me Close, its hypnotic melody and electro fuzz groove brings an unexpected, yet welcomed change from the foursome’s previous body of work. Front man Nathan Nicholson’s rising falsetto gives the track an ethereal presence, one that will provide your nights with a haunting soundtrack.

The second single, Big Ideas, is an atmospheric and climatic tune where Nicholson sings about meeting someone special at the wrong time in his life. Stylish delayed guitars and pulsing rhythms work as one to create a chilled beach anthem – appropriate for an aquatic titled album.

Ocean By Ocean will be available from April 29. For more details hit up The Boxer Rebellion’s website.


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